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Prophetic Evangelism

Evangelist Sieberen Voordewind Presents:
Prophetic Evangelism ©
During this restless time in which many people turn their backs on the church and religion, Dutch evangelist Sieberen Voordewind introduces the term and book "Prophetic Evangelism" which answers the question; how do the religious reach many people with the gospel in the best possible way. "It is wonderful that large evangelism gatherings are being held in large halls and stadiums. It would be even more wonderful according to many if the majority of those attending these mass gatherings were non-Christians. It is a fact that most non-Christians would not respond to the invitation of a church, "those who think they do can be easily deceived" according to the author. In order to reach the majority of the people that are not church goers with the gospel, we need to do more then spread invitations and carry on conversations according to our own personal views." In the book "Prophetic Evangelism", evangelist Voordewind launches an incredible method to reach each and every person with the gospel. This method is simple and designed for everyone who would like to spread the gospel regardless of their church denomination. A preliminary training is not necessary in order to put the book into practice. The basic principle is to spread the gospel according to Gods Spirit with the words that God gives the believer. The book has been published in both the Dutch and English languages because the author does not want to just limit himself to his own country. (In the PAST:)The Dutch version is published by Koopman & Kraaijenbrink (ISBN: 90-75675-73-9) Delft). The Netherlands and the English version (translated by Jola Genge in Canada) is published by Boekenbent (Prophetic Evangelism, ISBN 97890-8570-255-9) Barneveld, the Netherlands.  FOR THE EPUB: KOBO 

The Church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continues to change with the times. As the changes become more prevalent the methods for winning the lost must change also. DR Voordewind's book highlights some the ways the Holy Spirit is redirecting the standard for revealing our risen Lord. Without the demonstration of the gifts of the Holy Spirit the people of our day do not believe there is a God.
Therefore, evangelism can only be effective if the gifts of the Holy Spirit are working in our lives. If you are interested in finding your place and gift in the Kingdom of God this book will serve as a good road map to help you get there.
Kent and Andrea Simpson







© Sieberen Voordewind
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