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How dangerous is softdrugs

Information by: Sieberen Voordewind

In a newspaper I once read an odd article about softdrugs. The title:"A lot of misunderstanding about softdrugs" referred to the so-called innocence of use. Softdrugs, according to the writer is harmless. From my study: "Drugs and alcohol" to the well known C.D.B. in 1985 at Balkbrug, I knew that according reliable experts (Drs. W. Jurg, Jkvr. Dr. E. de Marees van Swinderen, Dr. K.F. Gunning) the opposite was true and still is! So I came into action by writing a newspaper article about the real dangers of drugs- and alcohol abuse. Fortunately, this article was placed in a house to house newspaper. In this chapter you can read my article:

By: evangelist Sieberen Voordewind

There is still much misunderstanding about softdrugs among young people, the elderly and people with care and appropriate professional. Therefore, proper scientific evidence is very important. Softdrugs means: hashish and marijuana. Other names for marijuana are: Weed, Love weed, mary, kif, kief, grass, smoke, bush etc. They are from the female hemp plant (cannabis sativa). Marijuana consists of the dried parts, especially the upper leaves and flowers. Hashish consists of the dried resin of this plant.

How innocent the plant may also look for many people: the term softdrugs is misplaced. It's just by the use of this term, that there is much misunderstanding in the world. For most people it's a harmless drug, you can experience it one time. Because of the tolerant Dutch drug policy a lot of coffeeshops are arise, where softdrugs openly is sold and used. Only the term "soft" and connive allow use, more and more young people are in great risk to become victims of a drug which lead them to downfall. Anyone who believes in innocent drugs believes in fairy tales, as "soft" drugs don't exists. The most important scholars of the International Narcotics Control Board of America, therefore places a large question mark over the distinction made by hard- and softdrugs. The danger of using softdrugs is proven by the following scientific facts.

The active substance in hemp products are: delta-9-tetra-hydrocannabinol (D9 THC). The hash contains 4-10 percent THC, average of 7 %. One gram contains average 70 MG THC, enough for 10 people to become "high". Marijuana contains average 1 percent 10 MG THC. This substance has the property to sticking in the brains, like a grease spot. According to dr. K.F. Gunning, physician and chairman of the national drug prevention committee, the brains (mainly the "liquor spaces") are very fat. This means in practice, that any use of hemp products remain spots on the brains. This continues for month's after-effects and repeat use makes this spot larger. Even after one smoke, the traces of THC haven't disappeared after one year. By repeat use, new spots are coming in your body, while old spots are not yet fully disappeared.

Research has proven that the brain cells in the CSF spaces are damaged or ruined by the use of hemp products. Once the brain cells are damaged, they made no new one and aren't replaceable. The harmful effects by the use of hemp products include: memory disturbances, decreasing self-criticism, weakened resistance, reduction of mental and physical skills, urge to isolation, anxiety, psychosis, panic, disorder of white blood cells, brain damage, difficulty in learning by memory impairment in short, damage of lungs, endoctrine, the basic structure of the cells, damage to reproductive organs, which newborn children are suffering, personal neglect and the same effect as using tobacco, such as cardiovascular disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, etc.

A large dose of D9- THC can effect short periods of insanity, accompanied with hallucinations

and confusion. By damage to bone marrow reduces resistance to infectious diseases. The use of hemp products also opens the door to the use of harddrugs (including heroin, cocaine). Cannabis also is not a drug (medicine), like many people think. The Health Councils has found no convincing evidence that cannabis is a healing effect. And the adverse effects are too large to be used as medicine. Dr. K.F. Gunning wrote: "Medication aim to heal, not to damage." (Oct '97/ CDB uitg.) The government and other appropriate authorities are responsible to help people and not to damage them. Open drug ads (where hemp products are for sale) should be banned even as sales and use. Actually, the term softdrugs must disappear, because it does not exist. Believing in softdrugs believes in the existence of fairy tales. The use of softdrugs is similar to play with fireworks.

This was the article in the newspaper. Meanwhile the T.H.C. levels are even higher than in the past and even more dangerous! There are even more concentrations in Nederhash with an average of 33%! Softdrugs is not "soft", but a tough destroyer of health!!

(Translated by: Winny Hallatu)






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