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Na wana ne woefutu ne?
(in our Ghanaian language(Twi)Who is your Advisor? Na wana ne woefutu ne?
Who will advise you in terms of challenge or problem either in marriage or at work
place?Wa na obetuwofo ewo aware mu a naa se a juma?
Dear listener, during this broadcast I would like to talk about the subject:"Who is
your advisor?" Please open your heart for the Words of the Living God while you
listen and receive rich blessings. TWI TRANSLATION:Mesere wo otiefuo ewo emere pem
mu se,me kasa ewo nye asem a eye:Na Na wana ne woefutu ne?Epa wu tseo,a prea
Oyankupon asem pa rebae,bue wakuma mu na fa nasem no ewo yedeimu.
The Bible says: "And the one who trusts in him (Jesus) will never be put to shame."
Romans 9:33. Whatever your problems may be, in the Bible we read about a man who had
once gotten into deep trouble. His name is Jehoshaphat. The Bible says the following
in 2 Chronicles 20:2 and 3a: "Some men came and told Jehoshaphat," A vast army is
coming against you from Edom, from the other side of the Sea...Then Jehoshaphat
became afraid..."(Dutch Bible, NBG 1951).TRANSLATION:Na Oyankupon na sem no(Bible)
no ka se na nea a okye no de no(Yesu) na nenim rekuase da."Romans 9:33.Enfa wo se
nea woasem tie,ewo Bible remu no eka faa abratie bi a efere no se Jehoshaphat ewo
enki kan asem mu wo 2 Chronicles 20:2 ena 3a:Na ebratie bi be kaa tsere Jehoshaphat
se,Edom kese bere ba wu so efre Edom,efre epo fufuro na no...Na Jehoshaphat bo hu
kese..."(Dutch Bible,NBG 1951).
Maybe just as Jehoshaphat you have been in trouble or have lived in fear. Fear of
the future or of being left lonely, to die or to go bankrupt. Maybe you are afraid
that you may not get out of difficulty. Whatever your need and whatever your fear,
the question is: "Who is your advisor:" Yes, who do you go to with your problems and
fears: Do as Jehoshaphat did! The Bible says: "Then Jehoshaphat became afraid and
resolved to inquire of the LORD." (Dutch Bible, NBG 1951). He decided to seek out
the Living God with his need. The God that hears each prayer and answers all that is
according to his Holy will, on His time. The Bible says in verse 3: "He
(Jehoshaphat) proclaimed a fast for all Judah and The people of Judah came together
to seek help from the LORD." Praise the Lord! TWI TRANSLATION:Se woha O tese
Jehoshaphat na asem anaa se ewu kese be a wotemu.Wosuro se wo kua a wo ba tra asem
kese re mu,a naa se wo be wu,a naa se wo bebo ka.Se wa hea de biaa ,a naa se ewo
biaa etse no:
Na Na wana ne woefutu fo?Wan na wo ko ne kyen abre a woho asem anaa se ehu mu?Ye
tese Jehoshaphat! Na Bible no ka se na Jehoshaphat de na hea sem koo Oyankupon
enim."(Dutch Bible,NBG 1951).Na Jehoshaphat se san nakyere,na ode e na hia sem koo
Oyankupon enim;na wotsre enkom ma a oman Judah,naa oman Judah enaa de wo mu hawo ba
a Oyankupon enim.
(Translated by: Frederick Kofi in TWI. Orginal: Who is your advisor? )






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